1. Video
  2. Algorithms
  3. Consolidation

These three things could be a trend coming to your social media strategy table very soon. Facebook, Twitter and of course YouTube have embraced the power of video. However, apps like Musical.ly, Periscope, and SnapChat are dominating the "live" video social sphere. A push for Social Media managers is to review what their strategies are for video and how to implement them across social channels. From mute Instagram posts to short and entertaining Snaps managers need to start navigating the social waters with the understanding of what type of audience is on a specific platform. 

The largest algorithmic change we could possibly see is Twitter abandoning the chronological timeline. As of late Twitter has come under pressure to perform and excel - at the same time their growth has started to stagnate. Expect a change to Twitter before to long in 2016.

Finally the financial health of LinkedIn and Twitter on Wall Street has been put to the test in the last few weeks. It's starting to look like the market cannot support another new Social network and the dominant players need to secure their spots or risk collapse. The same goes for emerging social platforms such as SnapChat, these networks need to secure revenue streams before the venture capitalists river of funds dries up! 

What trends do you see coming in 2016?