It's a pretty cool feeling when you're reading a blog and you realize you've already been to the future! That's the feeling I had as I read "The Future is All About You" on Medium by @beautyisscience. The opening paragraph shows how mirrors will soon be connected to the IoT and analyze our facial features and skin care needs. Below is the YouTube video showing how beauty meets technology.

Take a trip to the future: discover how new technology will transform the candidate journey as well as the customer journey. Discover how digital innovation could soon mean that you go from shopper to candidate to employee.
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As you can see CES 2015 already had some amazing ideas that are soon to be realized! L'Oreal is capturing the world of technology and integrating it with some of the best minds in beauty. Technology is very much changing human sociology & psychology - the customer journey is no longer being dictated by brands or TV. The World is very much at our fingertips!