Today marketing seems gripped with Social Media. If you don't have a Facebook Page or a Twitter feed it means you're not relevant.  

While this might be somewhat true the converse of not having a well maintained website is just as bad, if not worse. Today millions of consumers scour the internet and search for any bit of information they can find for a product or service. From social media sites like Yelp and Facebook to review sites like Angie's List.  


Nothing beats a website that you create. After all who tells your story best? By having control over content and the look and feel of your website. You have the chance to tell your story the way you want it to be told.

But, don't forget Social Media! What better way to incorporate Social Media than by highlighting it on your site? Customers love to hear their name, so why not post comments to your own website. This can help increase user engagement and draw in  more loyal customers.