Creating content is easy. Creating effective content is challenging but shouldn't be too difficult. Today's Social Media environment isn't in any need for more content. As the infographic below shows we are making way more content than we can ever dream to read, watch or listen too.

Your business can easily get drowned out by the flood of information being pushed into every users virtual face. 

How can you help from getting lost in the sea of social?

Always know who your audience is and what they want. For example, one of my clients wanted to start making more engaging Instagram posts. I observed their teachers and students and quickly polled the room - as you would have guessed all of them were on Instagram. The owners and I quickly came up with a post to connect the business with the students. We crafted a fun team picture to help launch a new business logo on Instagram. Below are before and after shots:

Unedited photo - iPhone 6s+

Edited photo - using Enlight App for iPhone and Over App for iPhone

From start to finish the photo and editing roughly took 2 hours to create. The return? The kids loved being tagged in such a fun post. The post saw an increase of 80% in comments and above average likes. The biggest win was in the comments. The kids felt like they were part of something bigger than themselves and this helps build brand loyalty. So when you feel like making another filler post...stop and take some time to make something worthwhile!

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