Mr. Kold Kuts has been a staple in the downtown section of Yonkers, New York. As a family-owned deli, for over 30 years it was time to branch out into the digital world and find new ways to capture the younger demographic. 


Build out a social and digital presence for Mr. Kold Kuts, building on their existing reputation within the community.


I set out on building their website as their central hub of information. I connected the three largest online delivery carriers to drive traffic to their respective site and increase conversions. I hired Serg Photography to assist in capturing the essence of what the deli creates to bolster their claim as a premium deli in Yonkers. 


Adding online delivery services has increased orders by 30% without adding additional costs. The website has increased impressions 40% month over month and continues to drive traffic to the online delivery services and social media platforms. 

Digital impressions lead to lift in sales

Check out the site

Click on the image to see how Mr. Kold Kuts went from Yonker's Ave. to www.mainstreet.usa!